Cold, Wet and Rainy Day

Today when I woke up, the weather channel app stated it was snowing. I looked outside and I could not see any, so I stepped out on the porch in hoping I could see some looking towards the yard lights. Nope, no snow. I guess the weather channel app was reporting some sort of upper atmosphere occurrence not what was actually hitting the ground. That was kinda disappointing

Today was much better for work than Monday was. I had AT&T out to fix the outside antenna for my internet. We had some severe storms blow through in the last couple of weeks and my connectivity got so bad for work, I was unable to stay connected.

Supper was leftover pork loin turned into a soup. Cubes of the pork loin was added to water, potatoes, carrots, onions and green chili sauce. It was really good and if you do not count the cost of the pork loin since it was a left over, it cost maybe a $2.00 for the whole meal. That is not too bad for 6 or more servings.

I am craving ground beef. The prices of beef in the grocery stores has got so bad that I was able to buy a rib roast, aka, prime rib for 50 cents more a pound, $4.00 a pound for ground beef is outrageous.

I have been watching Homestead Tessie on YouTube. I am not quite sure what to think about her. I have picked up on a meal idea that she had on one of her videos. It was an egg and olive sandwich. You make it like traditional egg salad sandwich, but use olives.

I believe I have decided on Americauna chickens. I love the color of the shells and they are readily available. I have decided that I will get a rooster as I want to be able to sell chicks. I wish I had the space and could afford an incubator. Tomorrow may entail a trip to Lowes in town to price out the lumber I do need to build the coop. I have a few cinderblocks, but not quite. I know the fencing is going to cost me some. I really want to cover the top to keep the hawks out.

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New Year, New Goals

The new year has brought on a lot of soul searching. I am tired of having to work an outside job. I have been busy making plans on how to bring in an income without a 9 to 5 job. We do have a tiny income already from the property, but it is not much. We have 6 rv slots we rent out, but it takes about 4 of them for the property to pay its lease and the utilities for the rv spots. We have not had more than 1 month with 4 spots rented. Usually just one or two which basically pays the utilities for the rv spots.

The next thing I am planning is to bring in some chickens. I have about 1/2 the wood needed to build a coop. I will have to get fencing as I do not want the chickens roaming the property since we have rv guests. I am trying to decide the breed I am going to get and I will probably get a rooster as I want to raise chicks to sell as well as eggs. I have found coop plans out there and decided on either a 4×8 or an 8×8 coop as that is the size of the platform. I may start of the smaller coop and if it generates enough income to add the 2nd coop.

I thought about raising meat goats, but that would require way too much fencing and I would not want the guests to get upset when they decide to make their vehicles their goat toy. I have had goats in the past and they love to get onto vehicles.

The closest store that sells produce is 15-20 miles away depending on the direction that you head so we have plans to do a large garden and I should be able to sell the extra produce. We just have to get the tiller fixed as the motor is not starting and DH says it needs a new carburetor.

I recently purchased a sewing machine with an automatic needle threader as I can not see to thread the needle any more. That saves a lot of frustration in trying to sew. I made my sister in law a skirt and made myself an old fashioned skirt that goes down to the top of my feet. I have made some reusable shopping bags. Those save me $5.00 each as they are the heavy duty ones. Those bags had cost me nothing to make as I had the fabric for years. My sister in law went to purchase a quilt from this lady that had a bunch of fabric for sale for $30.00 and only charged me $20 as she took the fabric out of it to make her skirt. There are a bunch of double knits that I may make some skirts and jackets for myself out of it. I really was hoping for more cotton and cotton-blends. I will make due and expand my wardrobe without it costing as much as buying used from the thrift shops.

I thought about doing YouTube videos, but I am self-conscience and I am not sure I would make a good personality for that media. We will see.

I am still looking for ideas that I can do to save and earn money. I am open to all suggestions to make this happen.

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From Big City to Deep East Texas

From the big city to rural life

It has been over 8 months since I last posted.  We have made a major change in lifestyle.  We moved from Houston to 5 miles outside of the closest town in Deep East Texas.  We leased a 14-acre piece of property with an old RV park on it and within 3 months of taking it over we have lost all the guests.  Granted, we took it over, not to get rich, but to cover living expenses.  

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Can Openers are important

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Grocery Store Run and Aftermath

We spent 2 1/2 hours in the grocery store and just as long redoing and going through our shelves. We now have one shelf with foods that needs to be considered before choosing anything else for dinner. Luckily we did not have to toss many items. There was a few that was too far past to even consider. I did toss a package of rock hard sugar. I know I could have broke t up a shifted it as I have done in the past, but didn’t feel like it. I found out what I thought was corn masa was actually corn meal. We still do not have much in the way of non-perishable meats, but plenty of beans and rice. I showed the spouse where the store does not carry the non-fat milk and we chose a couple of cans of evaporated milk as well as some qts. of shelf stable almond milk (ouch at 1.99 a qt.) I have about 3 months of veggies and beans and rice. No where near that on the milk or meats. I advised the spouse not to just shove things on the shelves, but to put things in their proper places to make things easier to see what we need. I am trying to figure out how we got one lonely can of carrots (already on the shelf and well within bb date.)

Everything is marked with the month and year of purchase. There is a shelf of condiments that I have no clue on when bought, but they are crazy sauces and stuff the spouse buys on clearance and closeouts.

I did not buy any coffee as I have 2 large cans at the moment and I am the only one who drinks it. I make one pot a day using 1/2 cup of grounds per pot. The price was not at my stock up price. I miss the Master Chef coffee (came in a real metal can) that Walmart used to carry in the stores. I can order it online, but the price is a lot higher than it used to be.

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Grocery Stores and Non-Prepper Spouse

My non-prepper spouse is getting concerned seeing empty shelves of non-perishable foods at the grocery stores. They want to make a list after dinner for a grocery list for us to stock up on. They have gone through the shelves to look for expired foods and using those tonight for dinner. They have found instant potatoes 5 years out of date, I am sure there is more. There was some tuna things that no one could stomach, they talked about giving to the homeless guy that begs for money at the corner. I advised that may not be wise as they may throw it back and break a window as they are kinda aggressive. How are you preparing for the food stamps not getting deposited in March?

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Welcome to This is my 2nd attempt to get this page going again as the first attempt failed with pages failing to update.

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