Grocery Store Run and Aftermath

We spent 2 1/2 hours in the grocery store and just as long redoing and going through our shelves. We now have one shelf with foods that needs to be considered before choosing anything else for dinner. Luckily we did not have to toss many items. There was a few that was too far past to even consider. I did toss a package of rock hard sugar. I know I could have broke t up a shifted it as I have done in the past, but didn’t feel like it. I found out what I thought was corn masa was actually corn meal. We still do not have much in the way of non-perishable meats, but plenty of beans and rice. I showed the spouse where the store does not carry the non-fat milk and we chose a couple of cans of evaporated milk as well as some qts. of shelf stable almond milk (ouch at 1.99 a qt.) I have about 3 months of veggies and beans and rice. No where near that on the milk or meats. I advised the spouse not to just shove things on the shelves, but to put things in their proper places to make things easier to see what we need. I am trying to figure out how we got one lonely can of carrots (already on the shelf and well within bb date.)

Everything is marked with the month and year of purchase. There is a shelf of condiments that I have no clue on when bought, but they are crazy sauces and stuff the spouse buys on clearance and closeouts.

I did not buy any coffee as I have 2 large cans at the moment and I am the only one who drinks it. I make one pot a day using 1/2 cup of grounds per pot. The price was not at my stock up price. I miss the Master Chef coffee (came in a real metal can) that Walmart used to carry in the stores. I can order it online, but the price is a lot higher than it used to be.

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