New Year, New Goals

The new year has brought on a lot of soul searching. I am tired of having to work an outside job. I have been busy making plans on how to bring in an income without a 9 to 5 job. We do have a tiny income already from the property, but it is not much. We have 6 rv slots we rent out, but it takes about 4 of them for the property to pay its lease and the utilities for the rv spots. We have not had more than 1 month with 4 spots rented. Usually just one or two which basically pays the utilities for the rv spots.

The next thing I am planning is to bring in some chickens. I have about 1/2 the wood needed to build a coop. I will have to get fencing as I do not want the chickens roaming the property since we have rv guests. I am trying to decide the breed I am going to get and I will probably get a rooster as I want to raise chicks to sell as well as eggs. I have found coop plans out there and decided on either a 4×8 or an 8×8 coop as that is the size of the platform. I may start of the smaller coop and if it generates enough income to add the 2nd coop.

I thought about raising meat goats, but that would require way too much fencing and I would not want the guests to get upset when they decide to make their vehicles their goat toy. I have had goats in the past and they love to get onto vehicles.

The closest store that sells produce is 15-20 miles away depending on the direction that you head so we have plans to do a large garden and I should be able to sell the extra produce. We just have to get the tiller fixed as the motor is not starting and DH says it needs a new carburetor.

I recently purchased a sewing machine with an automatic needle threader as I can not see to thread the needle any more. That saves a lot of frustration in trying to sew. I made my sister in law a skirt and made myself an old fashioned skirt that goes down to the top of my feet. I have made some reusable shopping bags. Those save me $5.00 each as they are the heavy duty ones. Those bags had cost me nothing to make as I had the fabric for years. My sister in law went to purchase a quilt from this lady that had a bunch of fabric for sale for $30.00 and only charged me $20 as she took the fabric out of it to make her skirt. There are a bunch of double knits that I may make some skirts and jackets for myself out of it. I really was hoping for more cotton and cotton-blends. I will make due and expand my wardrobe without it costing as much as buying used from the thrift shops.

I thought about doing YouTube videos, but I am self-conscience and I am not sure I would make a good personality for that media. We will see.

I am still looking for ideas that I can do to save and earn money. I am open to all suggestions to make this happen.

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