Cold, Wet and Rainy Day

Today when I woke up, the weather channel app stated it was snowing. I looked outside and I could not see any, so I stepped out on the porch in hoping I could see some looking towards the yard lights. Nope, no snow. I guess the weather channel app was reporting some sort of upper atmosphere occurrence not what was actually hitting the ground. That was kinda disappointing

Today was much better for work than Monday was. I had AT&T out to fix the outside antenna for my internet. We had some severe storms blow through in the last couple of weeks and my connectivity got so bad for work, I was unable to stay connected.

Supper was leftover pork loin turned into a soup. Cubes of the pork loin was added to water, potatoes, carrots, onions and green chili sauce. It was really good and if you do not count the cost of the pork loin since it was a left over, it cost maybe a $2.00 for the whole meal. That is not too bad for 6 or more servings.

I am craving ground beef. The prices of beef in the grocery stores has got so bad that I was able to buy a rib roast, aka, prime rib for 50 cents more a pound, $4.00 a pound for ground beef is outrageous.

I have been watching Homestead Tessie on YouTube. I am not quite sure what to think about her. I have picked up on a meal idea that she had on one of her videos. It was an egg and olive sandwich. You make it like traditional egg salad sandwich, but use olives.

I believe I have decided on Americauna chickens. I love the color of the shells and they are readily available. I have decided that I will get a rooster as I want to be able to sell chicks. I wish I had the space and could afford an incubator. Tomorrow may entail a trip to Lowes in town to price out the lumber I do need to build the coop. I have a few cinderblocks, but not quite. I know the fencing is going to cost me some. I really want to cover the top to keep the hawks out.

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